A man analyzes problems in historical data and encoded biases

Problems in historical data and coded bias

Automated machine learning and big data systems are increasing in number in our daily lives. From algorithms suggesting a series for the user to watch, to one that will decide the instalment of your mortgage. However, the moment an algorithm decides on such an important issue for a human being, the dangers begin to emerge...
to play like a sheet music

Sight-playing – part 3

We already created the harmony of the piece in the previous article. What we need now is a good melody which will match this harmony. Melodies consist of motifs, i.e. small fragments of about 2-5 notes and their variations (transformations).
to play like a sheet music

Sight-playing part – 2

Now it is time to use them to build an automatic composer.  Before doing so, however, we must make certain assumptions (or rather simplifications):
New developments in desktop computers

New developments in desktop computers

Today's technology market is thriving with desktop computers. Technology companies are trying to differentiate their products by incorporating innovative features into them. Recently, the Mac M1 Ultra has received a lot of recognition.
cloud computing

Cloud computing vs environment

The term "cloud computing" is difficult to define in a clear manner. Companies will approach the cloud differently than individuals. Typically, "cloud computing" is used to mean a network of server resources available on demand – computing power and disk space, but also software
Actvie noice cancellation - finacial aspects

ANC — Financial Aspects

Today's realities are making people increasingly inclined to discuss finances. This applies to both private household budgets and major, global-level investment projects.