Data warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is one of the more common topics in the IT industry. The collected data is an important source of valuable information in many companies, thus increasing their competitive advantage.
Innovative technologies trend chart

Technology trends for 2021

For many people, 2020 will remain a memory they are not likely to quickly forget. The coronavirus pandemic has, in a short time, caused many companies to change their previous way of operating, adapting to the prevailing conditions.
to play like a sheet music

Sight-playing — part 1

During their education, musicians need to acquire the ability to play a vista, that is, to play an unfamiliar piece of music without having a chance to get familiar with it beforehand.
Space mining

Space mining

Space mining has long fuelled the imagination of writers and screenwriters. They paint a picture of a struggle for resources between states, corporations and cultures inhabiting various regions of the universe.
Security of IoT devices

Safety of IoT devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is entering our lives at an increasingly rapid pace. Control lighting or air conditioning from the smartphone position is slowly becoming an everyday reality.
Industrial noise

Industrial noise

Industrial noise is nowadays just as important a problem as air pollution or waste management, but it seems to be less popular in media. Meanwhile it can equally affect our well-being or health