IoT is a concept in which everyday objects collect data and then processed it over the network. The devices are equipped with sensors, communicate and exchange data with the device that manages the entire system. IoT has many areas of application including household items, lightning and worn devices.


The graphic above shows 101 terms related to the Internet of Things, which are divided into categories. This category includes areas such as analytics, artificial intelligence, applications, capabilities, computing, connectivity, data, digital currency, industries, people, things and wireless. Each category has a range of several entries with time very distant topics.

The list is currently very long and each year new applications are added to it. The Internet of Things is growing at a very fast pace, recording high annual increases. According to various estimates the IoT makret will develop at a 30% pace in the coming years. In Poland this rate can reach up to 40%. Ericsson estimates that 28 billion devices will be connected to the network in 2021, more that half of which will be IoT.


The Internet of Things is used in the ever new areas of ourlives. Household items or lightning articles are things we use almost every day. If we add “intelligence” to ordinary objects it will be easier for us to manage the entire ecosystem of our home of apartment. As a result we’ll be able to optimize the cost of equipment consuption and the time of their activities. Collecting huge amounts of data that will then be processed and analyzed is intended to give even better solutions in the future. Due to this development of IoT intelligent devices will accompany us in the vast majority of daily activities in future.


The development of the Internet of Things will introduce many changes in everyday life. The biggest problem with this is security. The amount of data collected by devices that are often unsecured or low is exposing the user to data leakage. Another issue is the dispute about who should have access to the data. Moral issues such as whether large corporations should be able to eavesdrop on the user every day are raised here. Companies explain their activities by the fact that the data collected is a tool for the development of the services offered. Opponents argue that such actions are too much interference in the user’s privacy and uncertainty related to place where the collected data may go.

Who will benefit

IoT is directed to different economic sector. Solutions are built for both the consumer market and the business market. Theoretically, everyone will benefit form IoT. Enterprises involved in this development of IoT will have a huge field to develop their solutions. The coming revolution will also change our lives in many areas. Normal users will feel it the most, because they will get access to solutions that simplify their daily lives.

BFirst.Tech and IoT

As a company specializing in the new technology industry we are also active in the topic of IoT. Collaborating with Vemmio, we are developing a voice assistant project that will allow you to manage your home or apartment in the Smart Home formula. Our solution will allow you to implement the voice assistant on the central smart home control device.

Biometric verification checks first the voice that issued the command that triggers the device. If the voice is verified positively the device is ready to operate and issue commands through which you can manage your home devices. That’s what the smart home idea is all about. This solution allows you to manage one of the rooms, an apartment or even an entire building. Individual household appliances, lighting or other things are configured with a device that helps us manage our household. Compatibility of home appliances with the management device is necessary for the proper functioning of the system. Thanks to that the control center is located in one place, which can be for example our smartphone. Voice assistant functionality allows you to support the entire system without the need for physical application use. Making coffee in the coffee machine, control of the lighting level or choosing an energy saving program will be possible by voice commands.