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The BFT.NoiseControl – Technology of Quiet package is a set of comprehensive solutions for reducing industrial noise. The package combines accurate measurements and analysis of noise and vibration in accordance with applicable national and international standards (BFT.M&A), a device enabling active noise reduction (BFT.ANC) and passive noise suppression solutions or complementing active solutions (BFT.PNC). If you want to get know more check individual module of the package!


Measurements and analysis of the work setting


The BFT.M&A module focuses on measuring noise and vibration where the problem occurs. In addition, it enables the analysis of results and their modern visualization. Moreover, thanks to the latest technologies, BFT.M&A allows you to perform modeling and simulation of sound pressure and vibrations in a numerical environment (Finite Element Method, Computer Fluid Dynamics) to obtain the optimal solution.


Acoustic background noise measurements

Locating acoustic sources by means of sound pressure

Measurements of sound pressure level and vibration emissions at the workplace


  • Visualization of sound pressure, taking into account environmental and acoustic background corrections at the operator’s workplace
  • Vibroacoustic modeling and numerical simulation of vibrations and sound pressure at the workplace in the Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) environment, using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Analysis of sound pressure levels in octave and 1/3 octave bands for the source of noise and operator position together with noise classification based on the analysis carried out
  • Analysis and classification of vibrations at the operator’s workplace along with their visualization


Active solutions for reducing industrial noise


The BFT.ANC module is a system containing an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that allows industrial noise to be reduced to an acoustic background level of 50-500 Hz. This system is devised to operate in open and closed rooms, both with passive solutions (e.g. screens, diffusers, suspended ceilings) and without them. The solution is dedicated to harmonic noise, i.e. noise emitted by e.g. machinery engines, gearboxes, fans, etc. The big advantage of the system is the advanced algorithm of adaptation in real time to changes in industrial noise (e.g. changes in rotational speed of the mechanical system).


Control box

External system control

Stand-By Mode

Temporary freezing mode of the system

Autoadaptation (AI)

Adaptation mode to the ambient conditions in real time system

Technical parameters

  • Product version: ANCv1_4
  • Power supply: 110-230 V
  • Frequency range: 50-500 Hz
  • 2000 W amplifier in 0.5% distortion class
  • 230 V voltage stabilizer
  • Full wiring with protection
  • Vandal-resistant control box
  • Acidproof safety cabinet
  • Microphone with a level higher than 114 dB for 1 kHz
  • 700 W speaker with the option of being built into the machine


Passive solutions for industrial noise reduction


The BFT.PNC module focuses on reducing noise and vibration problems by using a passive method. This applies primarily to sources with harmonic characteristics (e.g. high-speed drives) and random one (e.g. pneumatics, noise from several machines, etc.). The module contains design solutions and applications of acoustic systems in the case of noise, as well as vibro-isolating systems in the case of vibrations .

Range of solutions

  • Design of passive absorbing systems
  • Design of passive distractions
  • Designing vibroacoustic systems
  • Assembly and installation of a set of acoustic systems
  • Designing hybrid acoustic systems (active and passive)
  • Modeling and optimization of the acoustic environment (e.g. machine environment)
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