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Recommendations of the Business Council at the World Urban Forum 11

“Recommendations for cities” are the result of the work of the Business Council established by UN Global Compact Network Poland (UN GCNP) and the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy, experts involved in urban transformation and the BFirst.Tech company – a Content Partner of UN GCNP in the field of environmental acoustics and smart monitoring and diagnostics of industrial infrastructure. The document contains recommendations on urban transformation taking into account the welfare of the residents and environmental concerns, which cannot take place without the participation, involvement and support of the private sector.

Report of the UN GCNP "Necessity of transforming the existing urban models"

The construction industry must undergo a major transformation to have minimal impact on the natural environment, thereby supporting the implementation of the objective set by the EU as regards Europe achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The “Necessity of transforming the existing urban models” report of UN Global Compact Network Poland provides a set of recommendations for putting the principles of sustainable architecture into practice.

Report of the UN GCNP "Green Hospitals"

A response to the transformation of buildings and the health care system toward low- and zero-carbon emission is the concept of “green hospitals” which aims to meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal in the health sector, among other things. The “Green Hospitals” report of UN Global Compact Network Poland analyses the latest trends and actions taken in order to effectively implement the above assumptions.

The report "Climate Education in Poland 2022 - Round Table Recommendations"

The report “Climate Education in Poland 2022 – Round Table Recommendations” summarizes the annual work of the Round Table for Climate Education.

All changes related to climate change should be introduced comprehensively at every stage of education, and teachers must be equipped with appropriate knowledge and competencies. Representatives of young people, parents, teachers and the academic community should be involved in the process of implementing climate education in Polish schools.

In addition to the postulates, the report also includes an analysis of political parties’ attitudes towards the climate crisis and climate education, as well as the voices of UN representatives.

Report of the UN GCNP "Green Railway"

The “Green Railway” report contains the opinions of experts analyzing the effects of the energy transformation of the railways on supply from renewable energy sources. The program of this transformation, called Green Railway, created by entities from the railway industry gathered at the Centrum Efektywności Energetycznej Kolei (CEEK), assumes a change in the source of traction electricity used by railway carriers in Poland. In 2030, 85% of it is to come from renewable energy sources.

The appeal "We will unlock the potential of wind energy"

Representatives of the wind energy industry, some private sectors, and the local government appealed for finalizing the works and adopting a new act on investments in the field of wind power stations (liberalisation 10H).

The dynamic development of this sector will ensure a cheap supply of green energy, enabling to become independent from the supply of fossil fuels from Russia.

Report of the UN GCNP " Small water power plants in Poland"

Poland is obliged to generate at least 32% of energy from renewable sources by 2030. To reach this goal, it must replace the stable but environmentally harmful energy from charcoal with renewable energy sources. The report “Small hydropower plants in Poland” includes proposals for regulatory changes to support the development of small hydropower plants to increase the country’s decarbonization potential.

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