Today we can officially share with you the project we have been working on for a long time. Welcome to the BFirst.Tech blog!

So far, information about company’s activities has been published on our social media. However, the specifics of this kind of portals is not conducive to adding more extensive content that we would like to present to you. Therefore, wanting to share our work, knowledge and experience with you more, we decided to set up a blog.

The theme of the blog will be navigated in the great world of technology, which we will try to bring to you in the most accessible way. This issue will be considered at various angles. In this way, we will not only describe the technological world, but also show the areas with which it is associated. In addition, there will be reports on events in which we will take part and other information from the company’s life.

We invite everyone to follow our blog, as well as to comment and share published articles. Remember that the blog is created for you, that’s why all reactions from your side, will be appreciated 😊 we invite you to the next article now, and meanwhile officially BFirst.Tech blog is considered open!