Cookies Policy

Let see how we operate cookies.

Polityka prywatności

This Cookies Policy applies to files that are placed on all websites belonging to BFirst.Tech sp. z o.o., i.e.


When using the websites owned by BFirst.Tech sp. z o.o., you consent to the use by BFirst.Tech sp. z o.o. of cookies and other similar technologies. Remember that you can change the settings at any time.



What are cookies?

Cookies are IT data that are stored in text files on your terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet) when you browse our websites.


What do cookies contain?

Cookies contain the name of the website they come from; the time they are stored on
the end device and its name. Sometimes cookies also contain a generated unique
number that identifies you as a User.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for the following purposes:

1.      Provision of services.

2.    To record your visits to the website and your preferences regarding the website (e.g. language, colour scheme, layout, content distribution).

3.    To compile anonymous statistics relating to your use of our websites so that we can continually improve them, make them more functional as well as make them more user-friendly and tailored to your needs.


What types of cookies do we use?


We use two main types of files:

1.      session cookies – these are temporary files that are stored in the memory of your browser until you close it.

2.    permanent cookies – these are files that are stored either for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they are deleted (you can set     the time for which they are stored in the memory of your browser or you can delete them in the browser settings). These cookies enable the sending of information to the server each time you visit our website.

In addition, due to their purpose, we use the following cookies:

1.      essential cookies, which enable the use of the services available on our websites, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication.

2.    cookies used for security purposes, e.g. to detect fraudulent authentication.

3.    performance cookies, which enable the collection of information on how websites are used.

4.    functional cookies, which allow us to record your selected settings and personalize your interface, e.g. with respect to the language or region you come from, font size, appearance of the website, etc.

5.    statistical cookies, which are used to calculate website statistics.


Other technologies

We also use technologies other than cookies, such as Local Storage, which is used to store data that is saved when you use our websites in a dedicated part of your browser’s memory. The data in Local Storage can only be accessed by the website from which the data was saved in your browser. Data in Local Storage is stored by your browser after you close it.

How can you manage your browser settings?

You can change your cookie settings. If you do not make any changes, cookies will be saved and stored on your terminal equipment. You can change the settings, in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or have the website inform you about each installation of cookies on your device.


Where to find additional information?
Detailed information on the options and ways of handling cookies is available in the software (browser) settings, e.g.

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox


Please note that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the features available on our websites.


Where to find additional information about cookies?

Additional information about cookies and other technologies can be found, for example, at,