The year 2020 will long be remembered by many. The coronavirus pandemic in a short span of time caused many companies change their current way of operating, adapting to the prevailing conditions. The issue of employee safety has become crucial, thus many companies have switched to remote working mode. There is no denying that this situation has accelerated the process of digital transformation in many industries, thus contributing to faster technological development.

As every year, the largest analytical companies publish rankings in which they present their predictions in the field of new technologies for the coming year. We have selected the most interesting (in our opinion) of the trends for 2021 and described them in today’s article.

Internet of Behaviors

The concept of the Internet of Behaviors (Iob) has been around for a while, but predictions are that in 2021 and beyond we will see a significant increase in this field. Internet of behaviors is a kind of “effect” (consequence) of the development of modern technologies, such as IoT. This phenomenon consists in collecting data about users and combining it with specific types of behavior. This is aimed at better profiling customers and thus consciously influencing their behavior and decision-making. IoB uses many different technologies – from artificial intelligence and machine learning to facial or speech recognition systems. A controversial issue in the IoB field is the security of the collected data, as well as the ethical and social aspects of using this data to influence consumers.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant number of companies currently work remotely. Thus, the issue of cybersecurity has become important as never before. Currently, it is a key element for ensuring the secure functioning of an organization. With the popularization of remote working, the number of cyber threats has also increased, so it is expected that companies will invest in strengthening their security to ensure that their data is protected and prevent possible hacking attacks.

Anywhere operations

The “anywhere operations” model is a major technology trend for 2021 and involves creating an IT environment that enables people to work from anywhere by implementing business solutions based on distributed infrastructure. Such a solution will enable employees to access the organization’s resources regardless of where they work, and facilitate the exchange and flow of information between them. According to Gartner forecasts, by 2023 40% of organizations will have implemented this operating model.

Artificial intelligence development

Among the main technological trends for 2021, there is also artificial intelligence, the development of which we are constantly observing. AI solutions such as forecasting, speech recognition or diagnostics are used in many industries. Machine learning models are also increasingly being implemented in factories, contributing to increasing the efficiency of their processes. Over the next few years we will observe the continuous development of artificial intelligence and the use of the potential hidden in it.

Total experience

Another of the trends predicted for this year is Total Experience (TX), which is intended to combine different perspectives of customers, employees and users to improve their experience in places where these elements intersect. This approach, combined with modern technology, is expected to give companies a competitive advantage. The pandemic has caused interactions between these groups to move mostly to the virtual world, so it is important that the experiences of each of them bring them specific satisfaction, which will have a real impact on the performance of companies.

This year’s technology trends are mainly focused on the development of solutions to improve remote working and the experience of moving a significant part of our lives to the Internet. There is no denying that the pandemic has significantly accelerated the technological development of many companies, especially micro-businesses, which have had to adapt to the prevailing conditions and implement digital transformation at their premises. An important aspect among the projected trends undeniably is the provision of cybersecurity, both for organizations and individuals.