Intelligent Acoustics

Intelligent Acoustics is an area containing modern, sustainable products in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to reduce noise and vibration, dedicated

to industry and environment.

Industrial noise, examples of industrial noise and maximum permissible intensity

Comprehensive solutions

Combat noise and vibration that are harmful to people and the environment over the full frequency range

Modern approach

Plan machine placement and build a solution without stopping production

Noise and vibration monitoring

Control noise and vibration levels – act in advance with Intelligent Acoustics

Access to experts

Use our experience and expertise and get the technical support you need

Verified knowledge, modern approach

Check which source of noise or vibration poses a problem for you

noise and vibration examples
Virtual Proof of Concept (VPoC)
Active Noise and Vibration cancellation

Noise maps

Create a noise map for your factory or surroundings and customise the optimal vibration solutions

with Intelligent Acoustics

Optimal solutions

Perform vibroacoustic measurements and then pick the best solution based on modern visualisations

Passive methods

Design and select a passive solution tailored to your production or environmental conditions


Increase your competence in vibroacoustic solutions and the latest trends

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