Technologies of sustainable world

We deliver safe, environment-friendly, cutting-edge and sustainable technologies that solve actual problems of the customers

Technologies of sustainable world

Collect, process, and analyse large datasets and gain knowledge that will help you make informed decisions

Create a comfortable acoustic conditions for people and the environment by reducing noise and vibration over the full frequency range

Design and build a dedicated cloud solution and fully secure your data

Manage production quality, monitor and diagnose technical condition of industrial infrastructure

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Data warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is one of the more common topics in the IT industry. The collected data is an important source of valuable information in many companies, thus increasing their competitive advantage.
Security of IoT devices

Safety of IoT devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is entering our lives at an increasingly rapid pace. Control lighting or air conditioning from the smartphone position is slowly becoming an everyday reality.
Industrial noise

Industrial noise

Industrial noise is nowadays just as important a problem as air pollution or waste management, but it seems to be less popular in media. Meanwhile it can equally affect our well-being or health