Technologies of sustainable world

We deliver safe, environment-friendly, cutting-edge and sustainable technologies that solve actual problems of the customers

Technologies of sustainable world

Collect, process, and analyse large datasets and gain knowledge that will help you make informed decisions

Create a comfortable acoustic conditions for people and the environment by reducing noise and vibration over the full frequency range

Manage production quality, monitor and diagnose technical condition of industrial infrastructure

Design and build a dedicated cloud solution and fully secure your data

Sustainable zone

Yearbook UN GCNP 2023

Each year, the UN Global Compact Network Poland has released its strategic Report (UN GCNP Yearbook 2023), presenting the latest trends, evolving standards, and companies’ strategies towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on business best practices in this regard in Poland. As a Content Partner of UN GCNP, BFirst.Tech proudly emphasizes its commitment and contribution to sustainable development efforts, showcasing its best practices for SDGs in this year’s publication of UN GCNP Yearbook 2023. In the “Business and Industry Voice” section of the report, BFirst.Tech’s President, Tomasz Jan Wilczyński, PhD Eng., described the company’s initiatives primarily focused on providing customers with sustainable products in the areas of environmental acoustics, design and optimization of IT systems, information management, as well as intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems.