Actvie noice cancellation - finacial aspects

ANC — Financial Aspects

Today's realities are making people increasingly inclined to discuss finances. This applies to both private household budgets and major, global-level investment projects.
Digital image processing

Digital image processing

Signal processing accompanies us every day. All stimuli (signals) received from the world around i.e. sound, light or temperature are processed into electrical signals, which are later sent to the brain.
Smart Manufacturing and industrial optimization

Smart Manufacturing

New technologies are finding their place in many areas of life. One of these is an industry, where advanced technologies have been used for years and work very well for factories. The implementation of smart solutions based on advanced IT technologies into manufacturing companies has had a significant impact on technological development and improved innovation.
Innovative technologies trend chart

Technology trends for 2021

For many people, 2020 will remain a memory they are not likely to quickly forget. The coronavirus pandemic has, in a short time, caused many companies to change their previous way of operating, adapting to the prevailing conditions.
Space mining

Space mining

Space mining has long fuelled the imagination of writers and screenwriters. They paint a picture of a struggle for resources between states, corporations and cultures inhabiting various regions of the universe.
Data warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is one of the more common topics in the IT industry. The collected data is an important source of valuable information in many companies, thus increasing their competitive advantage.